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Something about seeing a Dinosaur

Amy and Jack were struggling with another usual hot day in the never-ending summer of Arizona with ice creams from a nearby ice cream cart. Amy was about to take the first bite of her ice-cream, in the meanwhile Jack gave away a painful sound of Ouch. The kind of sound you give when you have a toothache and you taste something too cold or something too hot. The two kids went home sadly without being able to enjoy their ice-cream.

Their mom was concerned about Jack because she knew that Jack hated going to a dentist and had skipped many visits resulting in this sudden but not unexpected toothache.

Mom called out to both of their kids after thinking of a scheme to lure him into taking them to the dentist, “ Amy Jack come here. Let’s go swimming.”

Their mom was quite smart and intelligent like all the other moms. She knew her kids love swimming and it always puts them in a good mood. It may help her to take them to a dentist on the return trip.

They all reached the stream with their swimming costumes and sunscreen. They were about to take their first dip then they heard a loud thundering behind them. They turned back and saw a creature four times their size about 20 feet high.

They were all little surprised and little scared. They didn’t know what to do. So they came back to their home and ate a hell lot of ice cream without caring about the big fucking dinosaur. Because it was so hot and they didn’t want to talk to a big ugly creature who ate men. Yes, they had their facts right at least half of them because they had watched the Jurassic Park.


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Our moon has blood clots by Rahul Pandita – Book review

This was my first reading of the detailed account of Kashmir’s postmodern history describing the Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. Before this, I had read snippets in Bipin Chandra’s India since Independence and articles on the internet. Anyway, there’s not a huge amount of literature that I could find on the subject.

Our moon has blood clots.

There was always a lump sitting in my throat when I was reading this book and a stabbing pain in my heart. Rahul Pandita has done justice to his memories of home by beautifully wrapping them in a story without including any propaganda. As it’s usually the case when you read other narratives of the exodus. Sometimes the book is a bittersweet experience when the author describes his paternal and maternal home in the valley. This weaves a beautiful before-terror image of Kashmir. He mainly focuses on the brutalities and the changing relationship of Pandits with the State. It’s surely a burning agony for a person who has always faced a feeling of homelessness or anyone who sympathizes with and understands this part of the history. As Pandita says,-

“Someone who is uprooted in his mind”

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing the other side of the Kashmir state. For the liberals who have forgotten the past and are too distracted with the present. One should remember that the wounds of the past usually heal in the present and some remain sore for the lifetime. Kashmir is one such wound of India. Every coin has two faces and one should know both of them to make a judgment.

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In a tale of two sisters

There came another one

Who stole their desired mister

Now going back in time

I would like to narrate this rhyme

Dad went away to a new wife

His own daughter was left in strife

In this new family rave

The other daughter became a slave

They made her wash their smelly feet

And gave her bad food to eat

She prepared tasty cake batters

Sadly she was dressed in tatters

The shoes she wore made her feet sore

The slavery conjured a great abhor

Then in the city, there was a ball

The prince was looking for a bony bride

Who can become his palace’s pride

Everyone in the city got an invite

This was a matter of great excite

Two sisters got into an ugly fight

They pulled each other’s hair

To look the best for the beautiful night

Now comes the fairy godmother

Who saw the sad Cinderella’s plight

With few Sparks and a little light

She turned her into a beautiful sight

And when she went for the night of her life

Only one thing was there in her mind

I finally got a revenge that I wanted

Without any catfight.

She danced with the prince

And this made her heart ignite


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The city of Djinns- Review


“Whoever has built a new city in Delhi has always lost it: the Pandava brethren, Prithviraj Chauhan, Feroz Shah Tughluk, Shah Jehan … They all built new cities and they all lost them. We were no exception.”
― William Dalrymple, City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

The most beautiful history book I have ever read. The city of Djinns takes hold of the reader’s interest from the first line by creating a fascination in the form of Djinns about the city of Delhi. One cannot stop to read about a place where myths and history align even in the present. The language used by William Dalrymple is beautiful and filled with interesting metaphors. He describes the city in a way which creates a pity and pride both for the residents and all those who have known the majestic city.

The book never gets monotonous, it weaves the tale of seven historical cities of Delhi. As it’s a travelogue, one can find interesting instances of India’s situation after partition that Dalrymple came across while researching. The book doesn’t bore you with insurmountable amounts of facts as it is usually the case with the history books and yet gives you a glimpse of the past in all its magnanimity and malignity. WD follows the mystery of the city till the very end to the very start.

It’s a good read for anyone who enjoys history and language.

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BHU Protest turns violent.

Banaras Hindu University- a legacy in itself. The prestigious university is one of the best giving our country great poets and writers like Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Manu Bhandari. The list is endless. Well, the question today is not of the long legacy it has left or how many gems it has produced. The question today is about the draconian rule of the administrator. Even draconian would have been tolerable, at least it would have been doing something. It would not have been sleeping like a baby and play some pipe dream.
The campus became the talk of the town when the clashes broke out on the campus. Some of the female students of Triveni hostel were protesting against victim shaming. They were doing a sit-in-front of the gate protest. It was reported that on Friday, the protests turned violent when police entered the University premises and started lathi charge. Girls were also abused and beaten during the lathi charge.
The incident that provoked the protest was -when a female student was inappropriately touched by three bike-borne men near the Kala Bhawan within the BHU campus on Thursday. Student beckoned the nearby guard but the guard took no action and same was the response of the hostel warden and proctor. Instead of taking any action they started victim shaming the female student.
I would say only one thing our country loves sleeping and celebrating. That is why this article is being posted today.



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Picture credits: Tumblr.

Her heart was shattering,
Due to all the battling.
Her hopes were smattering,
She was tired of all the flattering.

She was tired,
Of all the shots fired.
Everyone she admired,
Turned out to be a liar.

A little care,
A generous stare.
Not anything too fair,
But still, something to stay there.

People thought she’s seeking attention,
But no one really knew her intention.
May be she did want a little attention,
And it wasn’t really her pretension.

So she popped a pill,
And pretended to be ill,
She laid still,
Till she was reduced to nil.

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Her smile lights up the world,
but she also makes the best poker face,
She loves participating in every race
And She also believes in winning them too

She is your best contrast-
With a cheerful start and some frightful parts.
She has also broken a lot many hearts.
But it’s not her fault people can’t stay apart.:P

If you know her
you would have always seen her
with a Vikram Seth’s book
reading, sitting in a nook.

I wouldn’t say any more
As she may appear to be an extrovert
But she is an expert
On the being the convert.