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The Reins OF My Mind


I feel like

 I have so many questions
 but I can’t ask them
 may be people will be offended
 if I will.
 May be they will walk away,

the reins that I have held so tight will go loose and

 I will be afloat in some dimension unknown

 May be they will be able to peep into my mind

 and know all the hidden thoughts I had about them
 and It will be all out
 I will stand in front of everyone naked and vulnerable
 the walls around me will all be shattered,
 but I wont feel liberated as I am not some princess trapped in a tower.
 I will feel threatened and torn
 as my defense mechanism is also shattered with those walls
 and the pride I take in being strong will be smothered to pieces.


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The days and The Memories

There are days when you feel you are on cloud nine and there are the ones where you hit the the rock bottom. There are also the days when you want to pour your love on someone and then there are the one when you wish you  could unlove them because you know, sometimes it really gets difficult to hold on to them.There are days when you wish to share your life with someone and there are ones when you just want to be alone.

These days are the ones which make all our memories- happy or sad.The memories – which can give you a painful sting and a sad smile. And there also the ones which fill your hearts with ecstasy. Then there are the few forgotten ones which are remembered only when someone or something reminds you of them and you are like “oh it happened”.

The days make memories and memories live in days.Without the days there can’t be memories and without memories days will be empty.