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In a tale of two sisters

There came another one

Who stole their desired mister

Now going back in time

I would like to narrate this rhyme

Dad went away to a new wife

His own daughter was left in strife

In this new family rave

The other daughter became a slave

They made her wash their smelly feet

And gave her bad food to eat

She prepared tasty cake batters

Sadly she was dressed in tatters

The shoes she wore made her feet sore

The slavery conjured a great abhor

Then in the city, there was a ball

The prince was looking for a bony bride

Who can become his palace’s pride

Everyone in the city got an invite

This was a matter of great excite

Two sisters got into an ugly fight

They pulled each other’s hair

To look the best for the beautiful night

Now comes the fairy godmother

Who saw the sad Cinderella’s plight

With few Sparks and a little light

She turned her into a beautiful sight

And when she went for the night of her life

Only one thing was there in her mind

I finally got a revenge that I wanted

Without any catfight.

She danced with the prince

And this made her heart ignite


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Subject #3



She takes care of all,
She makes sure
That she doesn’t make anyone fall.
Her steps are small (literally)
But she makes sure to reach the destination
Goodness in her is her biggest inspiration.

The responsibilities don’t scare her
Always with a sweet smile
You would never see her anger.
One can always seek her for answers.

Accepts everyone with an open heart
She never judges anyone apart.
With a beautiful face
Accompanied with a mind that is smart.


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Picture credits: Tumblr.

Her heart was shattering,
Due to all the battling.
Her hopes were smattering,
She was tired of all the flattering.

She was tired,
Of all the shots fired.
Everyone she admired,
Turned out to be a liar.

A little care,
A generous stare.
Not anything too fair,
But still, something to stay there.

People thought she’s seeking attention,
But no one really knew her intention.
May be she did want a little attention,
And it wasn’t really her pretension.

So she popped a pill,
And pretended to be ill,
She laid still,
Till she was reduced to nil.

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Her smile lights up the world,
but she also makes the best poker face,
She loves participating in every race
And She also believes in winning them too

She is your best contrast-
With a cheerful start and some frightful parts.
She has also broken a lot many hearts.
But it’s not her fault people can’t stay apart.:P

If you know her
you would have always seen her
with a Vikram Seth’s book
reading, sitting in a nook.

I wouldn’t say any more
As she may appear to be an extrovert
But she is an expert
On the being the convert.

















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Subject #1

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There is a girl I know,

But not really though.

She isn’t your stereotype,

And about her-

There’s a much-deserved hype.


The world is her playground.

And if you will meet her,

She makes sure to leave you quite astounding.

She will make your mind go,

Round and round.


‘Care’ is an alien thing for her.

Futile, trivial things,

Usually, don’t matter.

One day a foe,

Another day a friend.

She changes like an everyday trend.


There’s a place in her heart,

Only for a few.

And if you are in it,

You are from a lucky crew.

Now with these sentimental lines,

I bid this poem Adieu.

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I think it’s a fair tale to tell
There was a well,
Not too well.
What was in it was,
A hard thing to tell.
It shouted back,
If anyone would yell.
At this well
That scoundrel
Bid me farewell.
With that pride of his
Up to the swell.
It was a cold winter night
So my tears turned to gel
So still no one could tell
What was in that well.


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Two worlds.


(image credits_tumblr)

I am stranded between the two worlds.
by the thread tugging hard at one and,
pushing me to another.
The shift between isn’t easy.
For wandering in too long in either,
will make one lost.

The strife in this real one,
Is too hard to bear.
So I rush with all my power,
to strive for the other.
Which comes as a children’s dream.
And I fall in the deep slumber,
on a lullabies tune.

My dreams are alive in this one
for I dream in another.
As who knows mine also,
would have been smothered like the others.