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My musings on us.

“It’s all about priorities” someone said to me. Am I not your priority? Don’t you have a little time to ask me if I am fine.I know , things are hard for you right now,but they aren’t easy for me too.

You know I am stubborn, I will never ask you to come to me , yet you never reach out to me. You know I hate sympathy, but I would’t mind a little empathy.

Why are you always in such a hurry nowadays? Why are we missing out so much on our 3:00 am conversations?

The charm of our friendship-our conversations. It’s fading.Please don’t let it fade.I know you will never let our charm die.It’s the best thing about us-our connection to each other.

Remember when I used to complete your sentences and you used to tell me that I just stole words from your mind.And on every random thing we used to say “ditto” .

Our connection-I hope it never breaks.It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever come across in a relationship.

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Letter to the future me….

Gold pen on hand written letter

Dear Future Me,

In life you will feel like giving up again as you did earlier. You would feel like there is nothing left in life but do not forget that you survived earlier and you will survive again. The hurt ,the pain is all momentary. It is just a phase and it will pass. Remember when you cried whole night because someone broke your heart or you first crush said something mean to you but next morning you were alive, all fine.Yes of-course there was a twinge of bitterness in your attitude but that vanished with time. So probably the reason which is making you sad right now will be a lesson someday later. Even if it would not be , it will help you to have a good laugh someday. As you do now remembering how silly you were when you were upset when the love of your life didn’t call you back. REMEMBER life will never give you something so difficult which you cant sort out. So just hold on for a little long and everything will reach to a satisfying point. You may not be too happy right now but give it time , you will be when it passes. The clouds so dark will be cleared and a light very bright will shine upon you.