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On 13 December our National Capital Delhi hit a new high in the rape culture. We witnessed another rape and let it slide away as we sip down our every day tea. What has happened to us? Have we lost all our sympathy and empathy? Why people are still so silent? How can they be? How they don’t feel suffocated living in this world of injustice where anyone can get away with anything? Even I feel ashamed waking up so late. It took me some really alone time to reach the conclusion that the situation in our country’s capital isn’t getting any better. Do we need another huge case like ‘Nirbhaya’ to shake us out of our sleeps? Will the result of this trial be the same? It’s democracy right? So shall we expect justice this time? Will there be changes?

A 17 year old boy is old enough to rape but not old enough to be receive punishment. Why? A lot of questions at the standstill with only a few answers in our heads. Don’t you think it’s time to ask some of them to yourself and find answers to them.Why do we ignore such things? OK, not totally ignore but it just shakes us for a moment and then everything goes back to normal.Don’t you think a person’s life needs a little more attention than that. Well then who am I to blame you? I will also be the same, after this post. A trance in which I wrote it and my morning will take me out of it.( In which I leave a lot of things unsaid.)

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The Reins OF My Mind


I feel like

 I have so many questions
 but I can’t ask them
 may be people will be offended
 if I will.
 May be they will walk away,

the reins that I have held so tight will go loose and

 I will be afloat in some dimension unknown

 May be they will be able to peep into my mind

 and know all the hidden thoughts I had about them
 and It will be all out
 I will stand in front of everyone naked and vulnerable
 the walls around me will all be shattered,
 but I wont feel liberated as I am not some princess trapped in a tower.
 I will feel threatened and torn
 as my defense mechanism is also shattered with those walls
 and the pride I take in being strong will be smothered to pieces.


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My musings on us.

“It’s all about priorities” someone said to me. Am I not your priority? Don’t you have a little time to ask me if I am fine.I know , things are hard for you right now,but they aren’t easy for me too.

You know I am stubborn, I will never ask you to come to me , yet you never reach out to me. You know I hate sympathy, but I would’t mind a little empathy.

Why are you always in such a hurry nowadays? Why are we missing out so much on our 3:00 am conversations?

The charm of our friendship-our conversations. It’s fading.Please don’t let it fade.I know you will never let our charm die.It’s the best thing about us-our connection to each other.

Remember when I used to complete your sentences and you used to tell me that I just stole words from your mind.And on every random thing we used to say “ditto” .

Our connection-I hope it never breaks.It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever come across in a relationship.

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A chasing dream


Sometimes I feel so tired chasing him like an impossible dream.I wish if he could chase me as I do. Comfort me like I do to him. If only he could open his heart a little more so that I would trust my feelings towards him and open my heart to him a little more. Does his heart ache for me as mine does for him. Does he also have sleepless nights like I do? Wondering about him. Does he also get scared as I do ?when I can’t reach out to him. Is he also as scarred and broken as I am?

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He gave me hope: A confession.

I can never forget him. The reason is, he gave me one thing which we need the most to live.He gave me hope. When I was about to end my life and slipping away he lended  me a helping hand. When depression was pulling me down he pulled me out of it. Yes I have fought with him, cried for him, laughed with him but it was all worth it. The reason I am alive is him. People die for love but love gave me a new life. A hope which came wrapped as a caring friend and turned into a  passionate love.When it was the darkest hour he brought a ray of light with him. And I climbed on that ray and hopped forward towards a brighter future.