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The valley of death.


(Pic Courtesy- Google)

I wrote this piece while I was watching ‘The Walking Dead”, It made me wonder whether the humanity, emotions and other abstract things in us remain or not, after we pass over to the other side. Do we still remain attached or we wander off to an unknown land.

In the valley of death, we walk alone,
there is no known or no unknown.
I wonder if we feel what we were,
Or we are just some new being.
What’s out there is completely unseen.

We are happy or sad,
or a creature full of hungry angst.
Do colors remain?
Red, blue , green,
what if it’s a vacuum?
With no sound and nothing to be seen.

Do we remember our beloved?
or the one with whom we used to play in mud.
Those childish feuds,
those adult abuse,
Do we leave it all behind?

What happens to us is still a mystery
No trace of it could be found even in our history?
And still we wait on the threshold,
To hug the unknown devil;
with comprised unknown perils.


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